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E-mail from Reader

The following e-mail was forwarded from one of my readers:

Ms. Woodruff,

Here are the pictures that I mentioned in our phone conversation.  The word document contains the picture of the mountain lion at the feeder that I believe the gentleman you spoke with was mentioning.  Note the heavy spotting on the immature puma, the tan color of the road killed and deer feeder one, and the very very light blonde color of the Mt. Lion 2 one.  Also remember although I call the one photo puma it is still a mountain lion (Puma concolor (Latin)).  Names for the mountain lion change depending on where you are--Florida its called panther, New York catamount, Utah cougar, Texas mountain lion, Mexico puma, but all refer to the same animal Puma concolor (cat of one color).


John H. Young
Texas Parks & Wildlife
Wildlife Diversity Program
3000 IH-35 South, Suite 100
Austin, TX 78704
Ph: 512-912-7047
Fax: 512-912-7058

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