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The log viewer is a program that is designed to view and print data that has been acquired from an oil well.  The best way to describe this program is as a "virtual strip chart recorder."  Some of the technical challenges involved with this project are:

bulletBecause many of the plotters used in the oil industry are rack mounted with the paper coming out of the front, the printouts tend to come out up-side-down.  The log viewer has the capabilty of printing up-side-down or right-side-up.
bulletGeneration of contour maps from other curves such as the cement map illustrated in the screen shot.
bulletSupport for multiple data formats.
bulletThe ability to wrap over and under range data.
bulletThe ability to fill the space between two curves, a curve and either of its scales or a curve and an absolute position.
bulletData tips: when the mouse arrow hovers over a curve point, the curve's name, value and units are displayed in a tiny pop-up window.
bulletTool tips: when the mouse arrow hovers over values on the status bar or tool bar, a description of the item is displayed in a tiny pop-up window.
bulletThe ability to change the presentation at various depth zones.
bulletDragging and dropping curves on the presentation.
bulletUser ability to annotate the chart.
bulletAutomatic conversion between metric and english presentations.
bulletPresentation of depth or time based data.
bulletImport/Export presentation data
bulletConversion between data formats.

There are two primary objects that make up the log viewer: the track and the scale.   The scale view is the upper half of the presentation and the track view is the lower half of the presentation. Each of these objects contain the same draw routine to render the image on the display, the printer, a print preview and into an image file.

A custom mapping mode is used to do all output in 1000ths of an inch, similar to MM_HIENGLISH but with increasing positive values going down instead of up (like an oil well).

The links on the left represent a screen shot of a typical presentation and its corresponding print preview using an HP laser jet 4 print driver.