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Some projects I have worked on

This page is an introduction to some of the projects that I have worked on:

bulletData Studio: an application based on the Virtual Data Model (VDM) I invented to isolate an application from different data formats common to the oil industry (DLIS, ZIP, Well Folders, etc.) and graphical output formats such as PDF, CGM, EMF, TIFF, etc..
bulletVirtual Data Model (VDM): A programming model I invented to minimize development time by abstracting data and graphics formats so the application did not need to have any awareness of either.
bulletService Wizard: A video illustrates in a VDM application a dialog called the Service Wizard which demonstrates how thousands of streams of telemetry data can be rapidly organized into useful presentations.
bulletWell Browser: an application based on Virtual Data Model (VDM) which allows the user to see and edit the data as an application sees it regardless of the data format.



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