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After more than a decade, I have decided to close the Guest Book because of thousands of spam messages a month.  It was becoming impossible to separate the good messages from the bad.  If you would like to comment on the web site, please go to the W. T. Block Facebook page here:

Username: Tim
UserEmail: philo057
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Date: 08 Jan 2012
Time: 22:34:30


Thank you so much to Mr. Block for his wonderful contributions in the preservation of Texas and Louisiana histories. Much would be lost without folks like him who carry a driving passion for the lesser known details of our society's beginnings. May his written words continue to inspire others, likeminded in the pursuit of ironing out the tiny wrinkles of history.

-Tim Christensen, Guadalajara Jalisco

Username: Elizabeth S. Solmson
UserEmail: elizabethcole
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Date: 14 Jan 2012
Time: 13:58:07


I currently live in Calhoun, LA which is located in N.E. Louisiana. My "neighborhood" is extremely rural, lot's of farms with horses, goats, chickens etc. We have a black panther roaming our woods that has been seen by more than one person and as far as I know only dogs and cats and ducks have come up missing, however I have a feeling that larger livestock will be next. In conclusion Black Panthers are not gone from Louisiana they have simply moved north.

Username: Mary Ann Garner Golding
UserEmail: mgold1927
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Date: 19 Jan 2012
Time: 13:30:01


I ask a question to WT Block, I know hw has passed, article was from Mary Ann Garner Golding, (email: mgold1927 I am Looking for my Grandfather James Garner Born in La. GGrandfather George S. Garner Born In Va. 1790. I know he is connected to Bradley Garner Family. proof needed. I wrote this article to Mr. Block in 2007 Phone 254 756 1347

Username: Lynne Tagawa
UserEmail: lbtagawa
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Date: 25 Jan 2012
Time: 12:50:40


Thinking of using something in one of these articles for a Texas History curriculum I am getting published. Requesting best way to acknowledge source in my Bibliography. Just use the address?

Username: Rodney Edwards
UserEmail: rsquare
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Date: 03 Feb 2012
Time: 11:41:42


My father , Howard Homer Edwards, was born in Bon Ami in August 22,1907 and I believe his father's name was Edwin(CE) & he had at least 3 brothers and 1 sister. He was raised in Beaumont, Texas until at the 16 he joined the US Navy.
I know very little about my father's mother except we called Big Mom! My fathers parents were divorced when my father was young(under 21) and when my father finished the Navy(4 years), he settled in Sugar Land, Texas with his mother.
My father met and was married to my mother on August 22,1931 and he fathered
3 sons & 1 daughter. I would appreciate any info on my father's family.

Username: Millie
UserEmail: mgooch
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Date: 27 Feb 2012
Time: 11:04:07


I am a descendent of David Choate, my great grandmother was Eliza Choate from LA. Thank you so much for the story of David Choate, Jr.

Username: Piotr Derengowski
UserEmail: p.derengowski
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Date: 24 Apr 2012
Time: 10:58:59


Hi, I'm preparing a dissertation about Poles in the American Civil War. One of the most distuinghed was Colonel Sulakowski who served as a Cheif Engineer under Gen. Magruder. Unofrtunately I was unable to get access to the memoirs of Major Kellersberger who served under Col. Sulakowski. From the article "THE GHOSTLY-SILENT GUNS OF GALVESTON: A CHRONICLE OF COLONEL J. G. KELLERSBERGER, CONFEDERATE CHIEF ENGINEER OF EAST TEXAS" I know that his memoirs were owned by the W. T. Block, is there any chance to get a copy of them. I'm especially interested in those titles:

1)Julius G. Kellersberger, Erlebnisse Eines Schweizerisches Ingenieurs in Californien, Mexico, und Texas Zur Zeit Des Amerikanischen Burgerkrieges, 1861-1865 (Zurich, Switzerland: Juchli and Beck, 1897) 2)Annie Kellersberger Schnelle typescript, "Biography of Getulius Kellersberger,"
3)Helen Sundstrom (ed.-translator), Memoirs of An Engineer in The Confederate Army in Texas (privately printed:1957), unnumbered forward, a translation of J. Kellersberger's German language memoirs by his great granddaughter, Helen Sundstrom

I will be grateful for any kind of help.
Piotr Derengowski

Username: Robert L Williams
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Date: 14 May 2012
Time: 09:24:17


Thank you for your history of the Sandersons. My mother in law is Annie Lee Sanderson Gunn. I married the youngest of the James Samuel Gunn girls in 1955. I have been researching the Gunn and Sanderson line since 1992. You have filled in several blanks that I had.

Username: mary a. golding
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Date: 09 Jul 2012
Time: 15:04:45


George S. Garner born 1790 Va. had 4 boys. His widow lived in Liberty County
I have been looking for a long time, thought Dr Block could help me, I know he died ! How sad. I am not a novice at this, I know a lot but think in the history books they listed my gggrandfathers birth wrong.

Username: Mariesha Devall
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Date: 21 Jul 2012
Time: 20:52:02


So We were looking for our family history and we are definitely certain that Frederick George Smith is related to us. But we are African American and we believe we are the descendants of his mistresses sons Edward and Robert Smith. We are trying to figure everything out we have realized we have a lot of distant cousins and we are trying to find the book Ms. Ruth McKinley had written but we are getting no where do you think you can help us figure all of this out. We've read about everything we could besides the book about Mr. FG smith. We think the name of his mistress may be Augustus because we were told that it may be. Please help us. Thank you!

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