Rebecca's Prayer
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By W. T. Block

Dear Jesus, as we come today
To hear Thy word, to sing and pray;
Remove our sin so that we may
A temple undefiled display,
Contrite and clean.
Cleanse out each sinful, hidden stain
Of anger, jealousy, disdain;
And help us ever to refrain
From acts unworthy of Thy name,
As here we glean.

And fill our minds with thoughts of Thee;
Our hearts with love and charity;
Devout and humble so that we
Might light a path that others see
So they can find;
The Christ Who once our sorrows bore;
Whose Brow a crown of thorns once wore;
Whose Grace we humbly now implore,
To guard our lives, our Church, our shore
Till the end of time.  In Thy Name, Amen.

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