Little Things
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Little Things

78th Signal Company / 78th Infantry Division

This is a print replica of a hardcover book published by the 78th Signal Company / 78th "Lightning" Division of the U. S. Army following World War II circa 1945. WT served in the 78th Signal Company during World War II.

In addition, W. T. Block's article "Christmas Week in Simmerath" has been added as an appendix to this second edition of the book.

Editor and W. T. Block's son, William T. Block III

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A division in combat cannot function efficiently without excellent communications. No matter how good the division orders are, unless they are transmitted promptly and effectively to lower units they are of little avail. Both during maneuvers and combat the signal communications of the 78th "Lightning" Division functioned most efficiently. No matter what the weather nor what time of day or night, the men of the 78th Signal Company were on the job to keep communications going, installing new lines, repairing breaks in old lines, keeping the radio net functioning, carrying messages, and running the Division Message Center. So, it is with much pride and pleasure that I commend the 78th Signal Company for its very important part in the success of the 78th Division in combat. The history of such a superior unit is well worthy of your attention.

Major General U. S. Army,

To the Officers and Men of the 78th Signal Company:

This book relates the history of the Division Signal Company, 78th Infantry Division from the time of its activation to its present position as a part of the occupational forces in Berlin, Germany. It is impossible, as in any history, to relate all of the deeds of the Signal Company. The bravery and loyalty of the Officers and men through the long cold days of combat at Kesternich, Simmerrath, Schmidt, and the Schwammenauer Damm, and the heavy fighting at Remagen and the Ruhr Pocket are a tribute to the training and discipline of this fine organization.

Your courage, spirit, ability and devotion to duty have been magnificent and, I am certain, a source of great pride to all of you. Please accept my thanks and appreciation for the vital task you have performed so well, and I am confident that the traditional high standard that you have achieved in the past will be carried on to the best of your ability as you take your place in civilian life.

Lt. Colonel, Sig. Co.
Div. Sig. O.

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